Managed IT

Managed Services And IT Support

Managed services is a pro-active approach to IT maintenance through the use of latest technologies which automates network & device management & maximizes efficiencies in your IT environment.

These efficiencies translate into savings for you with less downtime for system failures and better business continuity.

Comprehensive Security with antivirus, malware & email protection which is managed and monitored by our support technicians.

Detailed Asset Management

Access to full hardware and software asset lists allowing you to manage IT infrastructure and plan ahead for upgrades. Be compliant for software audits and maintain serial numbers for asset registers.


Business phone solutions
No Complex setups, no steep learning curves. We’ve done all the work for you, giving you all the control with none of the headaches.

Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner

Microsoft 365 Specialists
Hosted email, New implementations, conversions and imports from other email platforms, SharePoint solutions, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams.



Comprehensive business Cyber security.
Modern day computer security is not about having a reputable antivirus any more. The Cyber security landscape has changed and so has the approach in combating the risks to your IT infrastructure. Risks which may consist of, sensitive Intellectual property, Financial & accounting records and service interruption due to hacking or disaster.
It requires a multi-angled approach to comprehensively reduce your risk to the ever-growing number of cyber threats.
Anti- virus/malware, Email Anti-Spam, Comprehensive Firewall, Staff Education and comprehensive backup systems.

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